Veolia PCB Decontamination

What do we do?

Our objective is to completely resolve your PCB problem.
PCB Decontamination is able to treat:

We are expert in

Our objective is to completely resolve your PCB problem. PCB Decontamination is able to treat:

  • Oil or PCB transformers;
  • Oil or PCB condensers;
  • Other PCB electric equipment
  • Liquids contaminated with PCB in drums or tanks;
  • Soils, rubble and all types of waste (absorbents, clothing, rags) contaminated with PCBs;
  • Oil devices.
What we do

PCB Decontamination can assure the handling, draining, loading and transport (by road or by boat) of dangerous materials, in perfect cooperation with our local partners.

We take care of the formalities related to waste removal towards the treatment centre by providing the transporters with the required documents for the tracking of the dangerous waste (BSD, CMR, TTF) and then we send you the destruction certificates.

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Our values

  • Being professionals to improve the service to customers.
  • Being partners to promote the balanced and transparent relations with our contacts.
  • Building the team spirit to undertake, innovate and create, in order to strengthen solidarity and synergies.
  • Respecting the environment in order to improve the quality of life in a durable way.
  • Living these values in respect of the other.

We want also to offer, together with our shareholders, a global solution for PCB contaminated waste.

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Our know-how

PCB Decontamination takes charge of the decontamination and recycling of electrical devices contaminated with the polychlorinated biphenyls and offers solutions to its clients for their waste management.

With this initiative, PCB Decontamination responds to national and international legal dispositions prohibiting the sale and the reintroduction on the PCB market and setting a deadline for the final disposal of contaminated devices.

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